Foundation Two/Three Year program

Foundation Two/Three Year program

Foundation (Pre cum Mains) Batch: This is an year long program, the program undertakes thorough coverage of the prescribed syllabus of General studies and the optional subjects by well-trained subject experts and professionals. Keeping a minute observation of the whole curriculum (Syllabus) under this level, there is detailed and analytical lectures on all the sections of the given syllabus and more emphasis is given on the development of conceptual understanding of aspirants. As all students at this stage are completely new and they have little understanding of strategy and content, the responsibility of the institute becomes crucial, that they do justice with the student's requirements. It is our priority to develop the aspirant's interdisciplinary approach at this level and also the development of an exam-oriented approach within them. Once the above approach develops within the candidate, he/she becomes self-reliant and then he/she needs only value addition.

Utkarsh Foundation(2-3 Year Under- Graduate) Programme :

After completion of 10+2, students feel confusion over career issues. Though they have high energy level, strong willpower and hard- working attitude but due to lack of guidance and supervision, they feel helplessness and depression and finally their dreams and efforts go in vain. They just need a little help of professional and eminent coaching institute. Destiny IAS is a platform which facilitates how to succeed in Civil Services Exam. Destiny IAS provides undergraduate competitors a platform to remove all their doubts and prepare them to become best IAS officers of India. Main objective of this programme - to connect undergraduate students with their internal excellence and to enhance the quality level of them so that they could successfully compete prestigious Civil Services Examinations at very early age. The Foundation Course offered by the Academy was the first course of its kind to be imparted anywhere in central India, which prepares the candidates one year in advance. The scientifically designed programme aims to stamp out all mental blockades and psychological barriers that lead to dismal performance. The course endues students not only with the relevant knowledge but will also provide right kind of orientation and skills for developing administrative traits. After finishing the course students will get a good fix on the ways to reveal the acquired skills and traits in all the three stages of the examination.

Utkarsh Course Structure:

Utkarsh 1st Year- Foundation Level We will focus on conceptual clarity and doubt clearance and develop the analytical and critical point of view. Reading and learning skills among studegts will be developed. Students will understand graduation level subject very well as well as History, Economics, Polity, Geography etc. Their awareness level will be enhanced through project assignment, newspaper and magazine reading. At this level, they will become confident to pass the civil services exam successfully.

Utkarsh 2nd Year- Take Off Level After successful completion of foundation course, they will enter at this stage. Here we will focus on project assignment and important topics of General Studies. They will become competent in CSAT also. They will understand the current affairs very well and will become eager towards deep study. At this level, they can easily compete State PCS, Assistant Commandant Exam and other state/central level examinations. They will feel high level of maturity and seriousness in their personality.

Utkarsh 3rd Year - Focussed Level A final exam and interview will be conducted after two years completion of the course and the student who scores minimum marks will enter in our final step that is focused level for IAS. General Studies and optional subject preparation will be focused at this stage. After counselling with teachers, the optional subject will be chosen. Student will be mentally prepared to write the ideal answer and face the interview board in very easy way. At the end of this level, they will be on the verge of getting selected in civil services exam.